Makers of Home made Greek rice pudding


Rizogalo, "Greek Traditional Rice Pudding"


Tradtional Rizogalo

In keeping with traditional Greek style recipe, this delicious Rizogalo (rice pudding) is made from only the finest ingredients. Sprinkled with cinnamon for a real taste sensation.

Made from fresh milk and combining our creamy smooth vanilla flavour, this rice pudding makes for a delicious dessert, breakfast or refreshing mid day snack rich in calcium and energy.

• Gluten Free
• 97% Fat Free
• Australian made, Greek Family owned business.

Our manufacturing technique and traditional homemade recipe makes this pudding completely different to anything else.

It is cultural and nostalgic, bringing you warmth and comfort with every spoonful.Perfectly served warm by heating in microwave or enjoy straight from the fridge, this creamy Greek rice pudding (rizogalo) is a definite must-try treat for you and your family.


Proudly coming to you from “The House of RIZ

Passionfruit flavour

Tradtional Rizogalo

A burst of summer is what you will experience with House of Riz Passionfruit Rice Pudding. Made with real milk it is 97% fat free and gluten free. Like our Traditional recipe it is Australian made with a twist. Have this stylish product as a refreshing snack or dessert, you will not be disappointed.